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Simple awk

To replace open “(” or close “)” in awk

 gsub(/\(/, “you string”,variable name);
 gsub(/\)/, “your string”,variablename);

To Replace single quote :

                                  gsub(/47/, “replacement string”, variable);

                 047- is the octal value of single quote

To Concatenate string:

variable3 = variable1 variable2;

To Split and put it in an array:


                   n— Number of elements or size of strarr

                  “,” — Delimiter

To Substring :

resultString = substr(“your string here”,starting position,Ending position);

Example :

                       resultString=substr(“your string here”,1,5);

Length of a variable:


Comments in awk:

                      #Whatever comes after this pound symbol will be comments in awk

For Loop :

                           for(i=1;i<n;i++)  {

                                            #your statements here


While Loop:

                        while(your condition)


                                           # your statements here


if Condition :

              Simple if = if(your condition) { }

             Simple  if else  = if(your condition) {} else {}

                else if = if(your condition) {} else if(your alternative condition) else {}

                Operaters for if conditions :   == (equal to) , &&(And) , || (OR) , !(Not) , <= (less than or equal) , >=(Greater than or equal) , <(less than), >(Greater than)

Passing parameter to AWK:

                  awk -F” ” -vYour_Param=”Value) {}

                -F  — Field Separator

               -v—-Using this option you can send your parameter to awk

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