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Date differences in PL/SQL (Oracle)

Find the days, months,years difference between two dates in PL/SQL?


For days difference:

                        select to_date(‘2010-05-03′,’yyyy-mm-dd’) – to_date(‘2010-05-02′,’yyyy-mm-dd’) from dual;

For months difference:

                 select months_between(to_date(‘2010-05-03′,’yyyy-mm-dd’), to_date(‘2010-07-02′,’yyyy-mm-dd’)) from dual;

For Years difference:

                select months_between(to_date(‘2010-05-03′,’yyyy-mm-dd’), to_date(‘2008-06-03′,’yyyy-mm-dd’))/12 from dual;

Find the day of the date?

Following sql command will give abbriviated day:

           select to_char(sysdate,’dy’) from dual;

For full name of the date

              select to_char(sysdate,’day’) from dual;

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