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Hate Java – J2EE

February 23, 2012

This is why i hate java/j2ee….After i thought of studying java/j2ee to set up the environment i am suppose to download loads of things…

0.JDK1.6… and there is no 32 bit for 1.6 so have to download J2EE JDK which is big in size



3.tomcat plugin for eclipse

4.hibernate jar..

5.MySQL for database

6.JasperReports for reports

7.Apache ant for build

8.JUnit for testing…

9.struts jar …

10.XML packages

11.JSF packages

Setting up the environment takes loads of time….and irritating too….why the hell one IDE cannot do everything….and every download is more than 50MB which takes hell lot of time …… 😦 Better to be a CGI Programmer…..but i have to practice…no other go….One good thing is, everything is free…good they didnt ask me to pay otherwise i would have prefered to not to study java/j2ee itself….

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